These are some photos of srisailam entrance. In the entrance of srisailam there are some statues of lord shiva, park with nandi statue and a tribal museum.

This is the entrance of Srisailam saying welcome to Srisailam.

In the entrance of srisailam, there is a statue of Nandi in the park.

Lord shiva in the form of Dakshina murthy, with Vedas and veena in his hands. He is controlling Ahamkara purusha. Rishis learning gnana from him.

Lord shiva and Parvathi with their son Kumara swamy. Kumaraswamy is the Rishi of Srisaila kshetram.

A tribal museum is present in srisailam entrance. That is called as Chenchulakshmi museum.

Chenchu lakshmi tribal museum. In this museum the cultures of different tribes are present. Chenchus are prime tribal group in Srisailam forest.

Chenchulakshmi statue present in Tribal museum. Chenchu lakshmi is the wife of Narasimha swamy, and she controls angry of Narasimha swamy.

Chenchu lakshmi statue.

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