Akka mahadevi caves is one of the must see place in Srisailam. A great lady devotee of Lord Mallikarjuna swamy, named Akka mahadevi did tapsya here. These caves are about 16 kms away from Srisailam. We have to go in boat to reach here, A.P tourism is maintaining boat services to see this place. These caves are formed naturally about one lack years ago. 

Akka mahadevi is a great devotee of Lord Shiva, she came from Karnataka state. She did tapasya here for about 100 years. The journey to Akka mahadevi caves is very joyful and we will see beauty of Krishna river and Nallamala forest in this journey. 
After reaching the caves we have to go for about 50 to 60 feet in to the caves with candle lighting. After that we will see a small Shiva linga in that cave. There are 2 to 3 caves here. Above the caves there is a small Ashram. The swamy of that ashram is now living in Beedear, and he will come here on every Karthika pournami.

Nallamala forest in the journey to Akka mahadevi caves.

Krishna river in the journey to Akka mahadevi caves.

People coming in a private boat on Krishna river.

Akka mahadevi caves.

Akkamahadevi caves 2.

Akkamahadevi caves 3.

Akka mahadevi caves 4.

Akkamahadi caves 5.

Lord Shiva in Akkamahadevi caves.

Nandi statue in Akka mahadevi caves.

Statue of Sri swamy in Ashram above Akka mahadevi caves.

Ashram at Akka mahadevi caves.

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