Photos of Kailasa dwaram

Kailasa dwaram is another important place in Srisailam. People come from Karnataka and Rayalaseema on foot in forest root. Lakhs of people will come in this route at the time of Shivaratri and Ugadi. They walk through hundreds of kilometers to reach Srisailam. It shows their devotion towards Lord Mallikarjuna Swamy.

The forest route is about 45 kilometers, and it starts from Venkatapuram, a small village near Atmakur, Kurnool district. The first point to see in their route is Nagaluti, Lord Veerabhadraswamy is the diety here. After travelling 20kms they reach peddacheruvu. People stay here at night time. After that they come to Bhimuni kolanu. It is about 20kms away from peddacheruvu. This is another spot where people used to stay night time in their journey. From Bhimuni kolanu people have to climb hill to reach Kailasa dwaram. People feel happy when they reach this place and think that they have reached Srisailam, that is Bhuloka kailasam. Hence the name Kailasa dwaram. Previously there is a Gateway in this place, but it was demolished. Now Karnataka people are constructing a new Gateway in this place, with sculptures of Bhima and Arjuna. Pilgrims will perform Annadana [give free meals] here every year at the time of Shiva ratri.

Sculptures in Kailasa dwaram.

Picture of Kailasa dwaram showing Bhima and Arjuna.

People reaching Kailasa dwaram.

Piligrims reaching Kailsa dwaram.

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Photos of Phaladhara panchadhara

Phaldhara panchadhara is anther major tourist area in srisailam. Adishankarachrya did tapsya here, and he wrote Shivanandalahari. Here there is a continuous waterfalls, which comes from hills. The water fall is in the form of five parts. hence the name Panchadhara. People belive that water comes from forehead of Lord Shiva. Hence the name Phaladhara. Here there is a small temple of Jagadguru Adishankaracharya swamy. Water from this waterfalls are used in Sakshiganapathi temple and Hatakeswaram temple.

phaladhara panchadhra waterfalls.

Board showing story about Phaldhara pnchadhara.

Steps route to Phaladhara panchadhara.

There are about 150 steps present.

Adishankaracharya temple.

Forest route in phaladhara panchadhara.

Forest near phaladhara panchadhara.

Adishankaracharya statue.

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Photos of Hatakeswaram at Srisailam

Hatakeswaram is one of the major site seeing point in Srisailam. Once upon a time there lived a potter. He is a great devotee of Lord shiva. He daily gives food to pilgrims. One day Lord shiva tested him, He went to potters home. But at that time there is no food in his house. So, he felt very sad and prayed Lord shiva. Lord shiva appaerd him in a pot, hence the name Atikeswaram / Hatakeswaram.

Hatakeswaram area.

hatakeswaram temple.

Nataraj at hatakeswaram.

sculptures at hatakeswaram.

Swamy Purnananda Ashram at hatakeswaram.

Swamy Purnananda temple.

Lalitha devi at Hatakeswaram.

Lalithadevi temple at Hatakeswaram.

Sri Lalitha peetham at Hatakeswaram.

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