Kadali Vanam is a great Tapo sthanam in Srisaila kshetram. Its importance was described in Skhanda Puranam, Shiva Bhakta vijayam and many more Shaiva texts. Many great devotees of Lord Shiva (Akka Mahadevi, Allama Prabhu) did tapsya here. Nrisimha saraswati, an incarnation of Guru Dattatreya swamy, ends his avatara here by disappearing.

Location : Kadali Vanam is present at about 25 km distance from Srisailam temple. We have to travel in a private boat to reach this place. AP Tourism is not conducting Boat trips to this place. We have to travel 16 km distance in Krishma river. Then we will reach Kadali Vanam ghat. It is present in the opposite bank of Akkamahadevi caves. From there we have to climb six hills. After that we should cross a plain area which is fully occupied by grass. The total distance is about 7 kms. After crossing the plain area we will reach Kadali Vanam from there we have to climb down about 30 steps to see Kadali Vanam cave.
The cave is a very big one. In the center of cave we can see idols of Akkamahadevi in sitting and standing positions and an idol of Nrisimha saraswati. Before these idols there is fall of water drops. Out side the cave there is a small water tank which stores water coming from the top of cave. Aanimals usually come to drink this water.

Precautions : This place is totally interior place and we have to travel in a deep forest. Animals will also come to this place to drink water. It is not safe to go singly. It is better to go with a group at least 15 to 20 members. Nothing will be available there, so that we have to plan for our meals and medication. If any body wants to go singly, then it is better to go on Karthika pournami day, as some Kannada devotees will go to this place on that day and they will sleep there that night. One more thing is, it is better to start the trek early in the morning, to avoid strain and also animals.

Importance : Skhanda puranam, Sri pathi Panditaradhya charitra and many Shaiva texts described its importance. Allama Prabhu, a great devotee of Lord Shiva, did tapasya here and got solvation. After that he was invited by Lord Basaveswara and taught Shiva dharmas to Veera Shaivas. He advised Akkamahadevi to do tapasya in this place. She also did tapasya here in her last days and left her body. Nrisimha saraswati, the second incarnation of Guru Dattatreya swamy, came here with his desciples and suddenly disappeared here to stop the activities of his avatara. After that he appeared on Krishna river for Navikas. From that time onwards this place also became holy place for Guru Dattatreya followers, this story was described in Guru Charitra.

One will surely get blessings from god and from Guru by visiting this place. This trek will become an memorable incident in your life. These are some photos of Kadalivanam trek.

Starting journey in Krishna river.

Kadalivanam ghat.

Board showing distance to Kadali vanam in telugu.

Kadalivanam route, climbing the hill in a narrow route.

Krishna river view point in the middle of trek.

Some boards showing the route to Kadalivanam, in Kannada.

Another Krishna river view point.

Plain area after climbing hills.

Board showing Akkamahadevi cave, Kadali vanam cave.

Steps to reach Kadali Vanam cave.

Water tank out side the cave.

Entrance of Kadali vanam cave.

A sub cave in Kadali vanam cave.

Interior of Kadalivanam cave.

A Room built in Kadali vanam cave.

Second room built in Kadali vanam cave.

Akkamahadevi statues.

Akkamahadevi statue in standing position.

Akkamahadevi cave in sitting position.

Nrisimha saraswati statue.

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