Photos of Shivaratri festival in Srisailam

Shivaratri is an important and famous festival of Lord Shiva. It comes in Magha masa krishna chaturdasi, i.e, generally in the months of February or March of every year. This is one day festival of Lord shiva. He likes this festival very much, and he fulfills all the desires to the person who does Upavasa [fasting] and Jagaram [spending all night without sleep] in this day.

Shivaratri is very important in all the temples of Lord shiva. In Srisailam also Lakhs of people will come to the temple and get blessings of Mallikarjuna swamy and Bhramaramba devi. Brahmotsavas will be conducted by Devasthanam in these days. On the day of Shiva ratri, at the time of Lingodbhava [Mid night], a person will climb upon the temple and tie the Alaya sikhara with eight Nandis around it, using a white cloth. This is called as 'Paga'. Seeing this is called as 'Paga darsanam / Paga darshan', and it is vey holy. After the day of Shivaratri, devasthanam will conduct Radhotsavam of Mallikajunaswamy. This is locally called as 'Teru'. This is the final part of Shivaratri festival in Srisailam.

Lord Shiva in Srisailam is in the form of Jyotirlinga.

Lord Shiva and Parvathi is in the form of Mallikarjuna swamy and Bhramaramba devi.

Paga darshanam in Srisailam temple at the time of Lingodbhava.

Ratham of Lord Mallikarjuna swamy.

Radhotsavam / Teru of Lord Bhramaramba sameta Mallikarjuna swamy is conducted using this chariot.

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Photos of Bhimunikolanu

Bhimunikolanu is an important place in Srisailam. It is about 10kms away from Srisailam. It is an important halting place in the journey of Srisailam, in Forest. When Pandavas came to Srisailam, Droupadi gets thirsty, but there is no water to drink. Then Bhima gets irritation and hits the hill with his Gada, Water came out with this stroke. Hence the name Bhimuni kolanu.

Route to Bhimunikolanu from Kailasadwaram.

An old temple in the route of Kailasadwaram, but now it is demolished state.

People walking from Bhimuni kolanu to reach Kailsa dwaram.

Bhimuni kolanu hill view.

A beautiful and dangerous valley in the route from Bhimuni kolanu to Kailsa dwaram.

Forest route near Bhimunikolanu on the edge of a hill.

Bhimunikolanu, people get relax in this place.

Water in Bhimuni kolanu.

Thousands of people get relaxed in this place at the time of shivaratri, Ugadi.

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