In Srisailam there is a Bilva vanam in between Sakshi Ganapathi temple and Srisailam. We have to go right side from main road and climb a small hillock to see this Bilva vanam. The Bilva vanam has so many Bilva trees. All of them are planted in an order. Local people will go to this place for picnic in Karthika masam.

Lord Ganesh idol is present in the beginning of Bilva vanam at Srisailam.

Lord Ganesh idol is present in a small temple under a tree.

Bilva vanam at srisailam. Bilva patras [leaves] are used in shiva puja. These are the most sacred items that are used in shiva puja. Lord shiva likes them very much.

Series of Bilva trees in Bilva vanam. In Srisailam Bilva patras are collected from here, when Devasthanam is conducting Laksha Bilvarachana to Lord Shiva.

Bilva tree in bilva vanam. the leaves are arranged as three leaves in a single stem. The three leaves collectively called as Eka bilvam. Offering Eka bilvam to Lord shiva will give good results.

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