Palutla, an ancient remote village in Nallamala forest, present near Srisailam. There are two ways to reach this village. The first one is via Ishtakameshwari temple. Through this route we should go only on foot. The second one is via Erragondapalem. In this route first we should go to Erragondapalem, from there to Gandhinagar, from there we should enter into Tiger forest and after a horrible journey of 5 hours we can reach Palutla. In this route we can travel in a jeep, but no one gives us a safe journey.
Tribal people are living in this village. Mainly Chenchu tribes and Sugali tribes are living in this village. There is no road connection to this village. People are mainly cultivating cotton in forest in about 1500 acres. We cant expect any modern facilities in this area. There is only one coin phone for total village. There is one Lord Sri Rama temple in village and one Hanuman temple in out skirts. Palanka kshetra, a temple of Lord Veerabhadraswamy is present near Palutla.
One year back I went to this place to attend a medical camp. I traveled in second route. Generally every person pray Pasi Amma and Pedda Amma for safe journey. While traveling we will see beautiful site seeing places, deers, deers living places, chenchu pentas(Chenchu tribes living places) etc. Thse are the photos of my journey.

Pasamma , Forest goddess.

Peddamma, Forest goddess.

Deers living area. Deers lick the soil for salt to stabilize mineral imbalance.

A very old inscription present in chenchupenta.

An image of Lord Shiva is present on the inscription with Sun and Moon on two sides and Nandiswara in front. You can also see the inscription .

Lord Hanuman temple present in the fields of Palutla.

Lord Hanuman in temple.

Lord Hanuman in sindhura varna.

Lord Ganesh idol.

A very old sculpture showing tribal culture.

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