Bhairava sela/ Bayanna sela is one of the sacred interior places in Srisailam forest. Lord Kala Bhairava swamy and local Chenchu tribes deity Bayyanna swamy are present here.

Location : Its is present at about 13 km distance from Srisailam temple and about 5km from Sikharam. We have to travel in Dornala road for 10 km and from there we should walk in the forest for about 3 km. There we will see a water falls and beside that, we will see a small cave in which Lord Kal Bhairava and Bayyanna swamy are present. Although it is present in forest, we can reach with a little effort. That beautiful water falls is present in seven steps with seven tanks one in each step. This water flow goes towards Bhimuni kolanu.

Importance : Lord Kala Bhairava swamy idol is a very old idol. Here Kapalikas worshipped Lord Kala Bhairava swamy in olden days. Beside Kala Bhairava swamy, Bayyanna swamy present in Lingakara. Chenchus will come regularly to this place and offer their prayers to Bayyanna swamy on every important occasion in their life. They will offer Cocks, Goats to the god.

We can get spiritual benefits by visiting this place and we can enjoy the nature while going to this place. These are the some photos of Bhairava sela.

A narrow Forest route along the side of hill .

Water falls near Bhairava sela.

Water falls in seven steps.

Water ponds in each step of Water falls.

Water pond in a step.

Kala Bhairava swamy cave exterior.

Kala Bhairava swamy cave interior.

Lord Kala Bhairava swamy and Bayyanna swamy.

Lord Kala Bhairava swamy and Bayyanna swamy.

Lord Kala Bhairava swamy.

Lord Bayyanna swamy.