Srisailam dam crust gates lifted up on 10th september 2009. Andhra pradesh State Irrigation department Minister Sri Ponna Lakshmayya lifted up two crust gates of N.S.R.S project [ Nilam Sanjiva Reddy Sagar Project], as it reached to its full capacity, i.e. 885 fts. Now, there is a lot of incoming water coming from Tungabhadra, a tributary of Krishna river. Many tourists coming to Srisailam will see the Project in their trip. Some Ecotourists are also coming to Srisailam to see it. This is the correct time in this year to see the Project. These are some photos to show the beauty of the krishna river, released from Srisailam dam. See and Enjoy.

Srisailam dam : Photo showing water fall from two crust gates.

Released Krishna river from the dam.

Rebounce of water looking like a milky wave.

Water coming from crust gate.

Milky water clouds formed in-front of the Srisailam dam.

Srisailam dam with full of water up to its maximum level (Now, 883 fts).

Srisailam dam from view point in Hyderabad route.

Rainbow formed in-front of the Srisailam dam from released water.

Srisailam dam view from a small bridge (used for travel) on Krishna river.

River Krishna passing to Nagarjuna sagar Project after releasing from Srisailam project.